Buzzing: The Sexy Sounds of Bees in Summer

As citizens of modern urban environments, living in the twenty first century, we are mostly immune to the sounds of nature. Our thoroughfares are denuded of trees and lined with concrete pavements for the comfort of zombie pedestrians connected to gadgets communicating with the digital sphere. Despite this, we occasionally venture outside of the glass and metal constructs we call city living to dabble in a park or put a toe into the water at the beach. This means that we can hear, smell, feel, see and touch the unmanufactured realm of the universe.

Buzzing: the sexy sounds of bees in summer may then reach us and vibrate our pelvic region. For the truth of the matter is, that in defiance of two thousand years of Christian repression, nature and all her denizens are at it all the time. Spring and summer are dripping in sexuality for the unrefined animals, the musical birds, and, of course, those bees. It is only industrious human beings who are deaf to the calls of nature, encased in our concrete castles and more concerned with endlessly making money. Bonking comes a very poor second to the moral imperative called capitalism.

Why do you think parks in the city are so small and urban development continues to over shadow our coastlines. Nature is just too dangerous, as it may infect the city’s zombie workers and turn them to thoughts of uncontrolled passion. Charles Darwin knew a thing or two about honey bees and if anyone killed off the Christian god it has to be Darwin. Why do you think he held off so long publishing his findings on natural selection; this son of a churchman. Christianity had its head in the clouds focused on heaven and anything below was the realm of Satan.

Pan the god of nature was depicted as a devil with horns and a tail. Animals were dumb and without souls. Only human beings were made in the image of god and everything else was just here for our sustenance and entertainment. The buzzing of bees is akin to aural sex and did you know that they feed each other? The worker bee is made of exactly the same stuff as the queen bee, who only knows pleasure and laying eggs. The difference is that she is fed royal jelly. Do you want to be a worker bee or a queen? Discover your own royal jelly and bask in the attention of the crowd. Rediscover the sexy world of nature.