Can Electricians Get Bees Producing Honey At Night

It is sad but true that my editor is a capitalist at heart. He dreams of gold but not the honey kind of gold. Why, I ask myself, would anyone want to make bees work at night? Only industrialists and other Trump supporters would want to deprive bees of their sleep. The question can electricians get bees producing honey at night is a sign of all that is wrong with humankind and our world. Picture those poor enslaved bees pumping out honey in the hive 24/7. A sweatshop for honeybees employed by some large American corporation operating offshore. Investors will be rubbing their fat hands together in glee and anticipation of those sticky rivers of gold dripping down upon them.

Bees Need Their Sleep Just Like Human Beings

Bees needs sleep, just like human beings, as they share our circadian rhythm. In fact, according to a new study, bees learn while they sleep. So, this obscene idea would also be depriving bees of an education, which is what capitalists want. They wish to maintain a large sector of society that exists in relative ignorance of their rights and dignity. Keep them dumb and hungry is their motto on the wealthy side of the divide. Bees may dream, according to Randolph Menzel from the Free University of Berlin – one of the authors of the study.

Do Bees Dream at Night?

Do bees dream of making honey at night? I don’t think so, perhaps they dream of attending university and discovering the true nature of reality. Or they may dream of interstellar travel and meeting bees from distant galaxies. Who really knows what bees dream of whilst they are sleeping? Bees are attracted to light. Therefore, to answer the question, can electricians get bees producing honey at night? It is in the affirmative I am afraid. Would an ethical electrician do such a thing? Would a moral man or woman play around with the laws of nature to facilitate the making of money? The sad conclusion is yes.

Bees are more social than social media managers and If you look at Facebook what a travesty that realm has become. Social responsibility is absent from the equation. It is a reflection of the spiteful essence of human gossip – lacking truth and courage. Chinese whispers have greater fidelity than the crap on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the like. Honeybees are paragons of virtue in comparison to human beings. Sticky situations are not only caused by honey, just ask Donald Trump.


The Inventor of the Modern Beehive Was Also the Father of Osteopathy

Andrew Taylor Still was a highly innovative man who invented and conceived many things in his life. He was born the son of a Methodist minister and physician, and he chose from an early age to likewise become a doctor. He was a hospital steward in the Civil War and must have seen some terrible things assisting the surgeons on the battlefields. Tragedy followed him home, as he lost his wife and four children to spinal meningitis in eighteen sixty four.

Andrew Taylor Still was the founder of Osteopathy and he fervently believed that the body could cure itself if given the right conditions and support. His experience of invasive medicine in the nineteenth century is that it most often did more harm than good. Of course, they had no idea about the dangers of unsanitary surgical procedures in those days; which killed many of the patients. Osteopathy was founded on the belief in the importance of the structural health of the musculoskeletal system and that diagnosis and treatment of that could cure and prevent a variety of diseases.

Osteopathy as a science, a philosophy and an art was one of the first modalities to promote preventative medicine. Andrew Taylor Still founded the American School of Osteopathy in nineteen eighty two in Kirksville, Missouri. Osteopathy practiced a Spartan use of drugs and medicines, believing that the body could produce the right chemicals to heal itself once it was in alignment structurally.

In addition to his great calling as the founder of Osteopathy Andrew Taylor Still was intrigued by machines and processes. He invented a new butter churn and the modern beehive box. He also designed a better mowing machine to harvest wheat and hay. He, even, engineered a smokeless furnace burner. Still was a man of ideas and a student of machines, including the greatest one of all the human being.

Honey is, of course, one of the great natural foods produced on the earth. It is also a topical healing agent if used to coat a wound. There are so many wonderful nutritional properties contained within the bee’s golden syrup. That the inventor of the modern beehive was also the father of Osteopathy should be no surprise really. Still believed in nature, the natural healing properties of the human body, and the natural goodness of honey. The bees in a hive can teach us all so much about life.