Honey and the Benefits to Human Health

Honey has enchanted human beings from the very beginning of recorded time. The ancients, like Epicurus and Pythagoras professed the goodness and healing properties of honey to human beings. Those little buzzing honey bees, were quickly recognised by, us big brained monkeys, as sweet sources of nature’s goodness. Honey is not only good to eat, but a wonderful topical healing agent. Wounds and sores can be dressed with honey to speed up the healing process. Of course, we have all been told about the importance of the birds and bees to our continuing presence on this planet.

Honey and the Benefits to Human Health

Apian allusions and imagery dot the scrolls and pages of our ancient history. Honey is rich and sweet, like nothing else in nature to eat, so, we compare similarly rich treats like cunnilingus to it. The sexual excitement contained within the act itself raises the neutral taste of vaginal mucous to an imagined height of sweetness. Bees, honey and fertility have a strong links in the ancient literature. The queen bee would be responsible for this conception in the minds of the ancients. Cults worshipping Artemis and Demeter associated the bee and its honey with fertility.

Honey is, also, a great natural medicine. It can be mixed with cinnamon to aid in the control of fungus and bacterial growths. Honey can help with immune system health, in the reduction of inflammation and to stimulate cell growth. Honey, truly is, one of those natural super foods we are hearing so much about today. Nature has provided us with many of the answers we seek in regard to our health and wellbeing. We, as a society, have got side-tracked with our own technological skills and the associated free enterprise that goes with those inventions.

This means that natural sources of health get overlooked by a media fuelled by pharmaceutical giant’s dollars. Things like honey are neglected because it is more difficult to patent natural things and make large amounts of money out of them. Honey and the benefits to human health are pretty straight forward, when you look at the literature. Even, if you eat honey instead of sugar, raw honey is better, then, this will benefit your health and wellbeing. Use honey on wounds to help with healing, where appropriate. Honey in hot water is good when you have a cold or sore throat. Click here for more sweet sources of healing.

Buzzing: The Sexy Sounds of Bees in Summer

As citizens of modern urban environments, living in the twenty first century, we are mostly immune to the sounds of nature. Our thoroughfares are denuded of trees and lined with concrete pavements for the comfort of zombie pedestrians connected to gadgets communicating with the digital sphere. Despite this, we occasionally venture outside of the glass and metal constructs we call city living to dabble in a park or put a toe into the water at the beach. This means that we can hear, smell, feel, see and touch the unmanufactured realm of the universe.

Buzzing: the sexy sounds of bees in summer may then reach us and vibrate our pelvic region. For the truth of the matter is, that in defiance of two thousand years of Christian repression, nature and all her denizens are at it all the time. Spring and summer are dripping in sexuality for the unrefined animals, the musical birds, and, of course, those bees. It is only industrious human beings who are deaf to the calls of nature, encased in our concrete castles and more concerned with endlessly making money. Bonking comes a very poor second to the moral imperative called capitalism.

Why do you think parks in the city are so small and urban development continues to over shadow our coastlines. Nature is just too dangerous, as it may infect the city’s zombie workers and turn them to thoughts of uncontrolled passion. Charles Darwin knew a thing or two about honey bees and if anyone killed off the Christian god it has to be Darwin. Why do you think he held off so long publishing his findings on natural selection; this son of a churchman. Christianity had its head in the clouds focused on heaven and anything below was the realm of Satan.

Pan the god of nature was depicted as a devil with horns and a tail. Animals were dumb and without souls. Only human beings were made in the image of god and everything else was just here for our sustenance and entertainment. The buzzing of bees is akin to aural sex and did you know that they feed each other? The worker bee is made of exactly the same stuff as the queen bee, who only knows pleasure and laying eggs. The difference is that she is fed royal jelly. Do you want to be a worker bee or a queen? Discover your own royal jelly and bask in the attention of the crowd. Rediscover the sexy world of nature.

Bee Health & Infertility: What’s Happening to the Bees?

Native bees in North America and Europe are dying in droves, due, according to scientists and environmental groups, the unrestrained use of pesticides in agricultural crops. In particular, they have pointed the finger at neonicotinoids (NNIs), which are produced by the chemical giants Bayer, Monsanto and the like around the globe. In Europe these chemical pesticides NNIs have now been banned; much to the consternation of the corporations making them. Wild bees and honey bees are dying along with the pests that these chemicals were designed to kill.

The pesticides affect the fertility capabilities of the insects, thus eradicating them from areas which have been treated or sown with crops that contain the treated seeds. The unforeseen outcome is that native bees which are essential for the pollination of plants are being wiped out. Dramatic and disastrous consequences are being predicted by green group spokespeople and concerned environmental scientists. It has been quoted by some that humanity will be destroyed if the bees are exterminated globally. People are marching in the streets to protest against the profiteering pesticide makers and demanding the banning of these chemicals in the US and in Australia. Canada has recently instigated much more rigorous controls on the use of NNIs by farmers in that country.

In the US where the profit motive has legendary status in this the modern home of capitalism, environmental groups are pointing the finger at the massive decreases in bee colony numbers. In some areas up to forty percent of bee colonies have been lost. Bayer and Monsanto say that it is the fault of the Varroa mites and that their products are innocent of any bee slaughter; honey bee or wild bee. Environmental scientists disagree and numerous recent studies show that a large body of evidence exists for the catastrophic effects on bee colonies. Infertility in bees poses serious problems for the natural cycle of life.

This seems to be another example of humankind’s technological meddling with nature, albeit hoping to improve the performance of what nature can produce, but not realising the unintended consequences to the rest of the food chain. The humble bee, a tiny little creature, has a huge role to play in nature in pollinating plants and flowers. If things do not get fertilised when they flower, fruits will not bud and there will be no food production from these plants and trees. Money making is a dangerous sole motivation when driving the food industry; a case of not being able to see the forest for the trees.

Are Bees Psychic: How Do They Swarm?

Bees may appear to be psychic in that they know what they are all up to within the bee colony. This communication is achieved through what is called ‘trophallaxis’. How this process works is through pheromones, as all bees produce pheromones and they pass them on whilst feeding. Bees feed each other, which is kind of cool I think, and as they feed each other they communicate. The whole bee colony is built around a queen bee and she produces special queen bee pheromones; which attracts the worker bees to her.

In winter, during the cooler months, the colony has contracted in size. The drone bees, in areas with severe winters, have been forced out of the hive during the preceding autumn. It is thought that they do this to conserve food within the colony. When the weather begins to warm up the bee colony will expand again by producing more worker bees. The queen is very busy laying all those eggs and eventually she will produce new drone bees.

The expanded colony or hive has become so large now that not all of the bees can access the queen. Her queen pheromone signal is not reaching those worker bees and so for them there is now no queen in the hive. This appears to be a psychic phenomena but is down to the pheromones. These worker bees are then compelled to create a new queen bee. This act will lead to the swarming of bees. The interesting thing is that the queen is essentially produced from the same egg as a worker bee. The difference, however, is that potential queens are fed ‘royal jelly’. Once the new queen bee has been created, she takes flight to mate with drones and get that valuable sperm inside her.

There can only be one queen bee in a colony and so the old queen will leave before the new queen emerges. She takes off with part of the bee colony and prior to their departure they all fill up on nectar. So, it this exodus of bees surrounding the old queen that we perceive as swarming bees. They fly in a clumped mass because all the worker bees are gathered around their queen. The queen is not a great flyer, probably due to her size and main function of laying eggs. Therefore, she needs to rest during the journey to find a new suitable spot to establish the colony. Thus, you get swarming bees settling on tree branches or some other structure.

A Hive of Sexuality: Love and Reproduction in Bee Colonies

Bees do it differently, that’s for sure. It is still a hive of sexuality: love and reproduction in bee colonies are just handled differently. A drone with a big penis buzzing around in the hope of getting some action, but sticking to the drone’s special territory. A virgin queen driven to find love in a drone’s desire, flies by and releases her special perfume, Pheromone No 5. The drones go wild and follow her in hot pursuit. When love comes to town for one acceptable drone bee it is on for young and, well, young.

The virgin queen opens herself for his endophallus and he inserts it into her vagina. Remember when you were young being told about the birds and the bees; well it is all true, shocking but true. Now, this is sex to die for, literally, because when he pops his load, and that pop is so loud that humans can hear it, his schlong explodes after ejecting all that sperm into her and our hero dies. That is what you call going out with a bang or a pop, maybe even a snap or a crackle.

The no longer virgin queen honey bee is not as stopped in her tracks as our fallen drone, no, she may mate with another fifteen or twenty drones after that first encounter. Talk about fatal attraction for our hapless male drones, as she makes her merry way through them in a single afternoon. Love and other bruises makes us all good losers; as the brave drones prove. When the queen bee has finished her romping she returns to the bee colony and struts her stuff. The worker bees who before did not give her the time of day are now mightily impressed. They are in her thrall. Love and sex have transformed our queen bee.

These worker bee attendants clean her, feed her and stroke her; and even remove the last broken penis from her vagina. What are friends for, hey? These devotee bees will follow her for the rest of her days. All that semen inside her will make its way through an oviduct and into a part of her called the spermatheca; she can hang onto that store of semen for up to five years. When our queen states laying she only fertilises the smaller cells with the sperm, as these are intended to become worker bees. The larger cells remain unfertilised and they become drone bees, as drones are clones. She lays up to around fifteen hundred eggs per day and that is the be all and end all of her job.