Can Electricians Get Bees Producing Honey At Night

Can Electricians Get Bees Producing Honey At Night

It is sad but true that my editor is a capitalist at heart. He dreams of gold but not the honey kind of gold. Why, I ask myself, would anyone want to make bees work at night? Only industrialists and other Trump supporters would want to deprive bees of their sleep. The question can electricians […]

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How Do Bees Hear?

Have you ever wondered how bees are able to hear? In fact the way they go about hearing and communicating with each other is fascinating. This in turn results to a well coordinated work the honey bee displays. Just how do bees hear and how does this affect their day to day activity? Many though bees were […]


Beehives: Is Wood Always The Best Material?

Quite simply, yes. The apiarist’s bee hive is recreating something that occurs in nature through the intervention of human made infrastructure. Most bee keepers are naturalists, so they believe in keeping things as close to nature as possible. In the wild bees may colonise around a branch on a tree and trees are made of […]