Honeybees are an important part of nature. As a matter of fact, they are one of the major pollinators of our food resource. Based on USDA data, honey bees pollinate around 80 percent of our crop. They are also our source of honey, which comes from the pollen and nectar they collect from flowers and plants. Moreover, humans and bees have a close relationship, which we will explore through the articles we post here while enjoying some sweet facts about honey and bees.

Bees and Humans

Beehuman was put up based on the idea that bees and humans are closely linked together. As a matter of fact, PBS reported that “the relationship between humans and honeybees may have begun over 9,000 years ago.” According to researchers, we have been benefiting from honeybees ever since they started farming.

As stewards of God’s creations, we have to ensure that what we harvest from nature can still be reaped by the future generation. For instance, scientists found out that there is an unusual phenomenon, known as Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), occurring on bees. Reports show that beekeepers in the United States are losing as much as 95 percent of their bees. CCD is also said to have reached European countries, such as Spain, Italy and Germany. As such, we need to study closely our relationship with bees if we still want to enjoy the food we harvest today. Beehuman will keep you posted on things that are currently affecting the beekeeping industry.

Sweet and Healthy Life with Honey

Beehuman is an advocate of healthy lifestyle through honey use and consumption. In fact, our tagline is “Live a healthy life with the benefits of honey.”

Did you know that honey is more than just a sweetener? It can also be used as a cough medication. As per the World Health Organization, honey is classified as a demulcent, a substance that can alleviate mouth and throat irritation. Honey is a very potent remedy for cough. Scientific studies show that it works better than dextromethorpan, an ingredient of over the counter cough relief.

Bees and honey are more helpful in more ways than we know. Explore their sweet world with Beehuman!